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Should I use QuickBooks Online?

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QuickBooks Online

BeanCounters Tax and Accounting Services are the local experts when it comes to QuickBooks Online.  QuickBooks Online is the latest bookkeeping technology.  QuickBooks online allows users to conveniently sync QuickBooks transactions to online bank transactions.  Although Intuit continues to support the desktop edition of QuickBooks, over 80% of new QuickBooks users are choosing QuickBooks Online.  Intuit continues to encourage users to transition to the online version and the 2017 desktop versions of QuickBooks are not receiving any new features.  Give us a call today and we can help transition your QuickBooks Desktop file to an online company file.

Benefits of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online offers the following convenient features: 

  • Automatically schedule and send transactions
  • Attach documents, images, signatures & more to transactions using mobile device, or upload on your computer
  • Use Audit Log to review actions and track changes over time
  • Track by Location in addition to (or instead of) by Class and choose from multiple location labels
  • Relabel your customers if you call them something else! (7 options to choose from)
  • Bank Transactions download automatically each night. You can also “Undo” (and in batch) an added, matched, or excluded transaction within the banking tool
  • Custom Banking Rules can be made to split by $ or % and you can assign class/location within a rule
  • Bank rules can be set to Auto-add to register
  • Unlimited time tracking and reports only users
  • Delayed Charges and Delayed Credits to create non-posting transactions that you can bill for or apply later

BeanCounters is a certified Pro Advisor Platinum Firm

BeanCounters currently has over 150 clients on QuickBooks Online which is one of the largest books of QuickBooks Online business in the tri-state area.  Our firm specializes in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks has dedicated support for firms our size.  Our team uses QuickBooks Online daily and BeanCounters can customize a solution for your bookkeeping needs.  See our QuickBooks Online profile at the following link: